Park Lane Nursery was established in 1991 as a Day Diversion Program for people with a disability, this was part of the Victorian Government de-institutionalisation program which saw facilities, such as Mayday Hills, close across the state. The program aimed to teach participants work and life skills so as to facilitate their re-integration into the wider community.

Many things have changed over the years, but one thing has remained constant – the understanding that all people are valuable, all people have something to contribute.

Today the nursery employs 25 people across the business – from the production of quality plants, our retail Garden Centre, and in our garden maintenance crew. About half of our workforce has a diagnosed disability.Our team strives to achieve quality production outcomes. They continue to encourage and help each other, and as a result the plants that we produce are of an excellent standard.

The gardening/maintenance crew travels the countryside bringing order and greenery to oftentimes neglected sites – sometimes at the mercy of nature and the elements!

We value our customers, who continue to support us enthusiastically – from those who visit our retail outlet onsite, to the local Shires, Councils, and Landcare groups.

Being nominated and winning the Business Wangaratta Agricultural Business of the Year Award in 2017 was a real highlight and a wonderful acknowledgement that this team delivers the highest quality product and service.

Park Lane Nursery is also home to Merriwa Industries Day Programs, this diverse group brings an element of fun and spontaneity to the nursery and we all enjoy the friendship and camaraderie that they foster.

At Park Lane we are excited about the roll out of The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We believe it will open up many opportunities for people with disabilities in our region, and consequently result in a more diverse and dynamic community.